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  • Welcome to the Blackburn Hamlet Community Association (B)

    The Blackburn Community Association (B) is a grassroots, volunteer-run organization that supports and advotes on behalf of residents, businesses and groups in Blackburn Hamlet, Ottawa, nada.

    Funfair 50th Anniversary

    Funfair 50th Anniversary

    Our Funfair organizing team has been working hard to put together an abundance of activities and events for all to enjoy! Sadly, we were unable to secure rides for this year, so we’ve added on some exciting new attractions in their place! Admission to the


    CPR C & AED Training

    Interested in high quality, affordable first aid training? The Blackburn Community Association has arranged for a four hour CPR C & AED training by the Ottawa Paramedic Service, Public Edution Section. Training will be held Sunday July 24th from 8h30am to 12:30pm (4 hours), in

    Thank you

    Thank you All!

    Now that the chaos in our community has subsided a little, I would like to thank everyone who has helped with the Community Charging Station on Sunday, the impromptu food drive yesterday and the emergency Food Bank last night.? I’m truly sorry if I missed


    Emergency Response

    Good morning everyone! I have truly appreciated seeing the community support during this crisis and I thank everyone who has been able to help their neighbours make it through this. For most of us, the worst is over, but not for everyone. Some people still

    Helping Hands

    Young Helping Hands for Seniors!

    By Maureen Forsythe B Youth Director Are you a young person (between 12-17 years old) living in Blackburn Hamlet who would like to give older residents in the community a helping hand with light yard work and gardening this spring and summer?? If so, the

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